The Top 5 Cannabis Delivery Companies in Ottawa

September 19th 2022

5 minute read

Cannabis delivery in Ottawa is extremely quick and reliable for the most part. But with the dozens of cannabis companies offering these services, it can be a pain to find the best one. Check out our picks for the best weed companies serving all of Ottawa:

1. Dank Depo

Our pick for the company with the highest quality products is Dank Depo. They claim to cultivate premium organic cannabis in Canada, and we believe it. Their neat website has a straight-to-the-point menu to get the products you want.

Dank Depo products are always fresh, regardless of where you order. They have free and fast delivery (between one and three hours) within Ottawa.

Plus, we daresay they have the best customer service out of all cannabis companies delivering in Ottawa. Anyone can get in touch with one of their live reps online between 10:00 AM and 12:00 AM.

2. Empire

Their website is currently under maintenance, however, Empire Ottawa remains in business as one of the fastest weed delivery providers in the city. Their online menu is available at Leafythings.

Call or text them at 343-999-3808 for more information on their delivery process. This company guarantees good quality weed products in all forms. Their listing includes flowers, concentrates, edibles, and vape pen products to accommodate all sorts of patrons.

3. Down To Earth

This weed delivery company in Ottawa lives up to its name. Down To Earth has some of the friendliest customer service providers we’ve encountered.

Their reliable staff members make online ordering easy. Be sure to get in touch with them within Down To Earth’s operation hours between 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM. You can also email them at and they will swiftly resolve any concerns.

Down To Earth frequently offers new products. They feature their hottest selection on their website, including raw flowers and various edibles like gummies, chocolate bars, and sour candies. 

4. Mister Niice Guy

Mister Niice Guy’s best delivery feature is perhaps their $15 flat rate per order. Any orders between Monday and Wednesday get a $5 rate instead. Meanwhile, orders above $250 are free.

They deliver quality products in as fast as two hours. Simply fill out their online form or call 437-224-0632 to place an order on any Indica, Sativa, hybrid, edible, concentrate, or vape product. You can even download their app for extra convenience.

Their customer service is also fairly decent, with an online chat feature on their website. Real people operate this service, guaranteeing answers as long as they are available.

5. Weed On The Go

This company is open every day between 9:00 AM and 3:00 AM. Depending on the traffic situation in your area, you can expect their flowers or edibles within 45 minutes to an hour.

Their delivery service is straightforward. Simply provide your address and payment method by calling or texting 613-355-7073. The Weed On The Go team promptly provides an ETA on your order.

Conclusion: Best Cannabis Delivery in Ottawa

Weed delivery in Ottawa is generally reliable. We had to split hairs just to determine the top five on this list, but we managed to rank them as we have.

Dank Depo probably has the best overall services out of all the companies we reviewed. They have it all, from a website directing visitors to what they came for and fast delivery within Ottawa to customer services available for 14 hours a day.

Consider these companies the next time you’re looking to get your marijuana fix.



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